Saturday, 26 August 2017

The day of the Back to School Sweater CAL blog hop has arrived

 Today marks the start of the Back to School Sweater CAL blog hop!
Blue crochet top hanging on a hanger

Over the last few months I have been working with my friend Tamara to pull together a crochet along that celebrates crochet garment goodness. To lead everyone nicely into the CAL we have curated a blog hop - starting today - which looks at different elements of crochet garment making. Every Saturday a different blogger will explore a topic, share skills and offers helpful advice.

Back to school sweater CAL graphic

Here's the schedule:
Saturday 26th August: Tamara at Crafty Escapism
Saturday 2nd September: Jo at Jo Jo Twinkletoes
Saturday 9th September: me here at Making at Number 14
Saturday 16th September: Joanne and Kat at The Crochet Project
Saturday 23rd September: Sam at A Simple Melody
Saturday 30th September: Fay at Knit-it, Hook-it, Craft-it
Saturday 7th October: Marta at Mrs Daft Spaniel

During the CAL, each of the bloggers will be posting about the garments they are making too. A huge thank you to all of the bloggers for embracing the idea with such enthusiasm and giving their time so generously.

The CAL itself starts on Saturday 16th September and runs until Friday 17th November. Tamara and I are hosting a chatter and finished object threads on The Crochet Circle Podcast's Ravelry thread. There will be prizes!

So what exactly am I making?
I have looked at multiple crochet garment patterns and changed my mind so many times but I think I might have finally decided what I am going to make as part of the CAL - I have bought the yarn so I really hope that I don't change my mind AGAIN.
Three balls of yarn stacked on top of each other

You may know that I like seamless, top down crochet garments so I am pushing myself out of my comfort zone and making a bottom up, seamed garment! I do really like a challenge and when I saw the design I knew immediately it was the project for me. Honestly, the lack of sleeves had nothing to do with it!

All things being equal, I will be making the Bretonbone top by Eline Alcocer. I have been measuring and working out what I need to do to the pattern so that I get a good fit. I am enjoying it so far but I'll report back once I get going.

Back to Sweater CAL love
Tamara and I have been overwhelmed by the love for the CAL so far; lots of people have decided what they will be making already. If you are looking for inspiration, we have put together a bundle of projects in The Crochet Circle Podcast group on Ravelry.

I do hope you enjoy the blog hop and can take part in our CAL!

Happy crafting x


  1. I love that you've decided to go out of your comfort zone with your choice of garment construction Helen. I know it's going to look fantastic! So excited that our blog hop has started. It's been so fun working together with you on this too!

    1. Thank you...your messages last week helped decide me! It's been so fab planning everything together, I can't believe it's started! x

  2. I like your choice and the colours will be lovely. This is the best bit of the CAL - seeing how all these pattern look on different bodies in different yarn/colours. Well done to both of you for organising it.

    1. Thanks so much Sam and for agreeing to be one of our featured bloggers. I loved your post today x

  3. Love that Bretonbone top! Tempted to try that some day too

    1. Isn't it gorgeous...and hardly any sleeve to work! x