Saturday, 19 August 2017

A postcard from the Isle of Wight

Beach scene with a striped knitted sock in the foreground

As you read this, we'll be packing up and making our way home after our break to the Isle of Wight.
My colleagues at work were derogatory about the Island before we left but we are very fond it; the beaches are stunning, there's lots for families to do and we love the owl and falconry displays at one the Country Parks - our very best highlight. We also love the Isle of Wight because we don't have to travel too far but the hour-long ferry journey creates the illusion of traveling much further and having "a proper holiday".

Our handmade cottage
We haven't found the 'perfect' accommodation yet, in part because we have an extensive list of essential requirements. However, our holiday cottage this time was very cute, put together in a vintage style with every room filled with handmade crafts. There are crochet blankets and throws, crochet rugs and tea cosies, handmade lampshades and embroideries on every wall - even the bathroom;

Handmade bunting and crocheted tea cosy

Crochet blanket in the garden room

Cross stitch sampler in the bathroom
It's been lovely to spend the week immersed in such a handmade house; it's given me lots of ideas for future projects and colour inspirations; I love the colour of this blanket and I'm wondering about knitting myself a cardigan in a similar colourway!
Powder blue blanket

My making
I've only brought three projects with me; socks, crochet shawl and a Christmas knit. I've had a bit of a  sock focus this week - such a portable project. I'm using the West Yorkshire Spinners Yarn Shop Day special yarn with contrasting cuffs, heels and toes. There socks are a bit of an experiment; I have joint and nerve pain in my feet and despite taking medication, some days I find socks with the requisite negative ease painful to wear. So, with this pair I have cast on more stitches than normal, worked a looser rib and a shorter leg. I am hoping these socks might be comfortable on a bad pain day...fingers crossed.
Striped hand-knit socks

 The stripes are very addictive and the socks have been flying off the needles!

I began the holiday with a little frogging, ripping back a project I had been tussling with for months. Instead I have hooked on an indulgent Northmoor Lock shawl for me.

Hand-wound ball of yarn
I can report that Helen from The Wool Kitchen dyes yarn that withstands A LOT of frogging. Other than socks I think this might have been the first time I have remade a project and I have been finding it incredibly relaxing. Thanks to muscle memory once I'd done the set-up section I have the able to work without the pattern - bliss.

My third project is a Christmas project. I have this crazy idea that I can make some Christmas projects this year. At least I'm starting early!

End of the holiday and a crafting challenge awaits...
Despite some hiccups we've had a lovely break - the weather has been absolutely beautiful and we've made some happy family memories. However, when we get home I have a craft challenge waiting for me; I want to knit the second sleeve on my Westbourne sweater before the end of the Festival of Finishing at the end of August. The first sleeve took me about 10 days so theoretically its possible and we do have a long bank holiday weekend coming up...

Back to school sweater CAL
Just a quick reminder that a week today - Saturday 26th August - the Back to School Sweater CAL blog hop begins with the first post by Tamara (aka Crafty Escapism). Head over to Tamara's blog next weekend to read the first instalment;

I hope you have a great week x


  1. I've always wanted to visit the Isle of Wight. I'm glad you had a great week and the weather was lovely. How lovely to be surrounded by all that crochet.
    I am thinking of starting on some Christmas projects too.... made a pair of crochet socks for my sister in law but one is smaller than the other..... arrrgh.

  2. Thanks Tamara! It really was an inspiration. I am wondering if I should have started my Christmas knitting earlier!

  3. It sounds like a wonderful holiday and what a treat to find all the homemade bits in the cottage! I love the Isle of Wight although I haven't been since I was a child - on a clear day you can sort of [ish] see it from where I live now and I often wonder about a little trip over there. It's definitely got the requirements of a 'proper' holiday to me!