Saturday, 6 January 2018

2018 knitting and crochet plans

Happy New Year! This post was meant to be all about my knitting and crochet goals and plans for 2018. I set some crafting goals in 2017 and they proved to be a helpful way of keeping me focused and on track as the year progressed.

I am in the very final stages of leaving my job of 10+ years. This is a good thing. But all the emotion of this has meant that I have no head space for goal-setting at the moment. I think I need to finish work, pause, reflect and do some goal-setting then.

However, this does not mean that I don't have some crafting plans. Like every crafter I have a head full of projects that I would like to make. You may have seen people sharing nine projects on Instagram that they want to make this year using the hashtag #2018makenine. My lovely friend Emma from Eldenwood Craft shared her nine projects during her latest podcast and has decided to run a make-along during the year with anyone else who wants to work their way through their nine chosen projects. You can find more information on Emma's Instagram account and in her Ravelry group.

My 2018 Make Nine

A caveat before I share my nine projects -  I don't honestly think that I will actually make all nine projects, I am sure new projects and life will get in the way. But I think this is a really good way of capturing some of the projects I aspire to make and starting a conversation with fellow crafters to discover new designers and designs. 

Here are my nine:

Top row (L to R): Antler mitts, Antler cardigan, Flax sweater 
Middle row (L to R): Vertices Unite, Tchaikovsky hat, Hermonie's every day socks
Bottom row (L to R): Wood warbler cowl, Murata hat, Gingerbread latte

Antler mitts by Tin Can Knits
I have wanted to make these mittens for the longest time but never been sure what yarn to use. I really want this year to be the year that I get that sorted!

Antler cardigan by Tin Can Knits
I love this cardigan and would love to be able to make it (and wear it). My issue is the amount of purling required to make a cardigan. I am hoping to tackle this aversion to purling in 2018 so that I can make this and other cardigans.

Flax sweater by Tin Can Knits
I have been having a little purge of my wardrobe and in doing so identified that I need some more sweaters. Rather than buying them, I really think I should make them. A couple of friends have made the Flax sweater and I found it to be a successful make so I think this will be on my needles before long.

Vertices Unite by Stephen West
Last year Emma made the most beautiful Vertices Unite which I have been admiring every time I have seen it. I assumed it would be too tricky to for me tackle. My son and I watched Emma's latest podcast earlier in the week and he was quite adamant (he's six!) that I should make one too. Emma confirms that the project isn't as tricky as I thought so I think I might be brave and give it a go....

Tchaikovsky hat by Helen Stewart
I have just finished the Tchaikovsky mitts designed by Helen Stewart as part of her 2017 Knitvent series and I love them - the stitch pattern is beautiful. I have been saving a special skein of Kettle Yarn Co. yarn for a year and I think it's time to knit it up into a hat.  

Hermonie's everyday socks by Erica Leuder
I will finally get my act together and make these socks this year!

Wood warbler cowl by Martina Behm
This squishy garter stitch design is in A Year of Techniques, the book curated by Jen and Jim Culliford. It is a great chance to practice my crochet provisional cast-on and garter stitch grafting techniques. I was gifted some yarn for this project over Christmas so this will definitely happen.

Muratura by Woolly Wormhead
I really enjoyed knitting my Rushcia hat designed by Woolly last year. I am still not a very accomplished knitter but I wanted to made another sideways hat so I contacted Woolly for some advice and she recomended I go for this pattern next as a good step up from the Rushcia hat. It uses the same knit-sideways, short row technique as the Ruschia hat but adds in some more texture.

Gingerbread Latte by Libby Jonson
I may not make exactly this sweater but it represents a top down DK-weight sweater. I am just a little bit in love with the Hampshire DK yarn from The Little Grey Sheep and I really want to knit a sweater in it - ideally this year. Do let me know of any pattern ideas.

So those are my nine projects. There will be other things too, my little boy wants another bird after the success of the knitted puffin and my parents are knit-worthy so I will make items for them too.

I also have another little project in mind. During the first 11 months of the year, I would like to collect up enough mini-skeins be able to knit Helen Stewart's Land of Sweets cowl during December. Thanks to the generosity of friends I have a developing collection of blue-ish mini skeins and I want to add to those so that I have 24 colours ready for 1st December. 

This all feels very exciting. I now need to write a list of the yarn each project requires so that I can take it to Unravel in February.

And crochet. I notice crochet is missing and this is really interesting. I am definitely not turning my back on crochet - I am a crocheter who knits - but I think crochet has stopped challenging me and I really do love challenge. I definitely need to do some goal setting around crochet design because that really does excite me.

I really enjoy seeing everyone's makenine grids so do please share and take part in Emma's relaxed make-along.

Happy Crafting! x


  1. I hadn't heard of the make9 makealong. Thank you for introducing me to it. Now I'm thinking about which 9 I'd pick! Interesting that crochet is not challenging you right now and you're loving your knitting more. I am looking forward to seeing your designs. I have the pattern for your hot water bottle cover and that would definitely appear on my make 9 grid! I haven't listened to Emma's podcast either. Fun times ahead in 2018!

    1. Thank you so much Tamara! I hope you might pick your nine, I would love to see your choices. I also hope you've managed to catch Emma's podcast, she's lovely with really beautiful taste in projects x

  2. I'm making the Hermione socks at the moment - slowly getting my eye in at which row I'm looking at, after a bit of frogging! Love the rest of your nine, especially the antler mitts and cardigan, which are on my wishlist. This year I want to make more clothes and do more colourwork - knitting or crochet.
    Good luck with the new change in your life. Here's to an exciting and fulfilling 2018!

    1. Oh dear to the frogging. You'll love them when you're done. I am definitely focused on functional making this year too. I'll keep an eye out for colour work on your feed. Happy 2018!