Saturday, 30 September 2017

Crafting podcasts

Crochet blanket, phone and earphones ready to listen to a podcast

Today I am going to talk about the crafting podcast phenomenon, I'll think about what I'm looking for in a podcast and recommended some of my favourites.

I've had in my mind to write about crafting podcasts for a while but wasn't sure what I wanted to say! It was a conversation with an Insta-friend this week that helped me put my thoughts about podcasts in order. I feel as though I am a relative newcomer to crafting podcasts; my husband and I listen to a range of (mostly American) podcasts together and have done so for a really long time but it was only when Fay and Lynne launched The Crochet Circle podcast that I discovered crafting podcasts were a thing.

I watch/listen to a broad range of crafting podcasts whilst I'm working away on projects but there are a small number that I consistently return back to and make sure I never miss an episode. For a podcast to fall into this group, it needs to be;
Engaging: I have to feel really engaged and stimulated by the podcast content e.g. learning a new technique, discovering more about a particular yarn or the wool industry or hearing from a designer about their work
Inspiring: I will return to a podcast more often if I like the aesthetics of the podcaster. If they choose patterns, yarns and projects similar to my tastes I am more likely to head back to them and seek inspiration from their work. 

So my recommendations (in no particular order!) are:

The Crochet Circle podcast: I am lucky to count Fay among my friends. Fay takes reviewing patterns, books and yarn seriously and she gives really considered, well-thought through assessments which I really like. Fay uses more mustard and green shade than me, but otherwise we share a similar tastes making her makes a great source of inspiration too.

The Bakery Bears: I am guessing that nearly everyone knows or watches the Bakery Bears. It's in my 'never-miss' group because I learn so much from watching/listening in terms of techniques, yarn and needle choice. Kay's projects give me something to aim for in terms of developing my knitting ability too.

Knit British: Knit British is an audio podcast which I really like when I'm crocheting and needing to look at my work rather than watch. Louise talks a lot about understanding the provenance of yarn, the British independent (non-commercial) wool industry and gives really considered and articulate yarn reviews.

East London Knits: I heard Renée speak at Unravel earlier in the year and I was delighted when I heard she was starting a podcast. Renée interviews the most fascinating people connected to the world of knitting and shares a real insight into her world and work as a designer.

Eldenwood Craft: Emma who hosts the Eldenwood Craft podcast is another friend but putting this aside, I love her podcasts and we have a very similar taste in projects and yarns so it's such an inspiration. Emma has just finished the most gorgeous Vertacise Unite shawl which (if I was a more accomplished knitter!) I would completely replicate. Emma uses lots of beautiful neutrals and has a real good eye for yarn and pattern selection.

This is not meant to be an extensive list but a snap shot in September 2017 of five crafting podcasts I never miss so please don't be offended if you are not on the list!

Moving beyond crafting podcasts, into ones aimed at creative people more generally, I never miss;
Hashtag Authentic by Sara Tasker. Sara, from me and orla  interviews the most creative, inspiring and inspirational people.

Likewise, the Blogtacular podcast by Kat Molesworth is crammed with interviews shining a spotlight on amazing makers and creatives. So inspiring! I hope this post might have introduced you to some podcasts that you didn't know about...

Happy listening and watching x


  1. Thanks for this list Helen. I too am an avid podcast listener as you know. I guess that's how we met via Fay's podcast. I love podcasts with interviews so I'll certainly be checking those out.

    1. Thanks Tamara - I think podcasts are such great ways of finding like-minded folks! x