Saturday, 15 April 2017

Crochet memories blanket

As I have mentioned here before, I managed to resist scrap-yarn and mini-skein projects for a long-time and then I saw Louise Tilbrook making a gorgeous corner-to-corner crochet blanket. Louise's blanket - made from mini-skeins - was beautiful and I became interested in starting a long-term blanket project using left-over scraps of yarn.
I particularly liked the idea of making a blanket that would remind me of much-loved projects and the associated memories of when and where I worked on each project.

First seven stripes of a corner to corner crochet blanket

Using the basic corner-to-corner blanket pattern from Felted Button, I set off with a collection of 4 ply yarns and a 3.5mm hook. I am working two to three stripes in each colour-way, depending on how the self-striping yarn is coming through.

My first socks

 It seems appropriate that my first stripe should use yarn from the first pair of socks I knitted.

Blue and pink hand-knit socks

 These socks are aren't perfect, but I love them as they represent such a milestone in my knitting journey.

Yarn: Regia Pairfect in Candy Colour

Holiday socks

 My next stripe is made using yarn from the second pair of socks I made. I took these socks with me on our holiday to the Isle of Wight last summer. Whenever I wear them, I am reminded of the happy family holiday we had and the fact that some days it was even too hot to knit!

Purple and grey striped hand-knit socks

These socks were the first time that I have used West Yorkshire Spinners yarn - it is a really lovely yarn to work with and washes well (in the washing machine!)

Yarn: West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4ply in Wood Pigeon

Missed Kingfisher shawl

The next two sets of stripes are from one of my all time favourite projects, the Missed Kingfisher shawl by Joanne Scrace. I really need to have more than one Missed Kingfisher in my shawl wardrobe I think!

Close up of crochet shawl using grey and purple yarn

 I chose to make the shawl using two shades from the John Arbon 4ply Knit by Numbers range. I am really pleased with the choice as I wanted a warm, snuggly shawl. The pattern calls for a slightly lighter-weight sock 4 ply and I think when I make my next Missed Kingfisher I will use a yarn closer to the recommended yarn so that I can have a Spring/Summer Missed Kingfisher too.

Yarn: John Arbon, Knit by Numbers 4 ply in (I think!) KBN 12 and KBN 30.

Holiday yarn purchase and Your Mileage May Vary shawlette

My next choice reminds me of a happy family holiday and a really beautiful shawlette. Every year we holiday in the North East of England so that we can spend time with some dear family members. By happy co-incidence it is also the home of a really well-stocked and beautiful LYS (local yarn store) called Ring-a-Rosie in Whitley Bay. Barbara who runs the shop has a passion for handpainting yarn and I was so delighted to buy some of her gorgeous yarn when we visited last year. I used the yarn to make another Joanne Scrace designed shawl called Your Mileage May Vary from The Crochet Project's Shawl Project Book One.

Collage of two photographs showing the development of a crochet shawl

Yarn: Hand-painted high-twist sock yarn from Ring-a-Rosie

February half term socks

Having tried a few other brands, I  have realised that I love Opal self-striping sock yarn for a relaxing knitting project and I am pleased to use it in the next stripe in my fledgling blanket. I really do like these socks, the fit is great and I finally perfected the Kitchener Stitch with these socks. I knit the bulk of these socks during our holiday at earlier in the year. Unfortunately, we had a few 'hiccups' during the holiday so I have slight mixed feelings when I look back at these socks.
Photograph of a pair of hand-knit socks
Yarn: Opal, Blossom Sock Yarn - Rose (9117)

Spun Gold shawl

My final stripe to-date is from my Spun Gold shawl by Kat Goldin. I worked on this shawl between Christmas and the New Year as part of the The Crochet Circle Podcast CAL (crochet along). It was my first proper experience of taking part in a CAL and I found it to be fun and engaging experience - I'm delighted with the beautiful shawl I made too!
Photograph of the finished Spun Gold Shawl - a diamond shape shawl
This yarn is slightly different to the others I have used in the blanket so far in that it is a merino-silk blend. I think it sits quite happy next to the previous stripes but I'm not going to make a final decision until I've popped in the next stripe and can see how it looks.

The merino-silk blend is really lovely yarn to work with and this skein has been beautifully dyed by the brilliant Helen from The Wool Kitchen. If you haven't discovered The Wool Kitchen, do check out Helen's yarn.

As I am using 4ply left-over yarn I know that this blanket will take a very long time but I am so pleased to be collecting my making memories in this way.


  1. I love your blanket Helen and it's perfectly fine that it's taking a long time to make. Such a great use of those little leftover bits of yarn!

  2. Thanks Tamara, I'm so pleased to have found a good use for my yarn-scraps! x